No signup required to donate Sadaqah/Zakat online. It takes less than 60 seconds. You could also download the app for free to access more features


Select Mosque or Charity Of Your Choice

You have access to thousands of mosques and charities.

Select the ones you want and add them to your list.


Enter Amount And Click Send

Enter the amount you wish to send as Sadaqah/Zakat, pay using your credit/debit card in a very convienient way.

Click send


Mosque or Charity Receive Sadaqah/Zakat Directly

The money sent is transferred directly to the mosque or charity.

Both parties receives SMS confirmation of the transaction.

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Benefits Of Paysabil

Stress free to use

A simple and mobile friendly platform making it easy for users to use

Anonymous means of giving Sadaqah/Zakat

We take the users trust seriously and places the users privacy first.

Instant and secure Donations

Securely and easily support organizations in seconds. Every organization on the platform is vetted.

Anywhere in the world

Our Platform is universal and we support donations from anywhere in the world .

Facilitates accountability

Users can track their donations.

All places of worship and charities in one place

We partner with verified organizations across the nation to ensure the funds are spent in an ethical and right manner .

The Problems We Observed

  1. Cash is not efficient
  2. Contempt towards cash collections
  3. The Trap of shaitan regarding Riyaa
  4. Locality and non-inclusiveness
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Cash is not efficient

The disappearance of cash from people's pocket. And the pain points associated with cash based transactions e.g (Lack of "change" etc.)

Contempt towards cash collections

The contempt of and suspicion of most worshippers regarding cash based collection system.

The Trap of shaitan regarding Riyaa

Indeed riyaa is so difficult and dangerous that it can fall into your good actions.

Locality and non-inclusiveness

Disenfranchising potential donors especially females and travellers.

Terms of service

Understand our terms of service for using Paysabil platform

The PaySabil website, web application, and mobile applications are products of Sabil Technologies Limited (hereafter referred to as STL), a registered incorporation in Nigeria. The PaySabil software and other technologies have been designed, architected and developed by STL.

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Privacy policy

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